There are many opportunities for Xavier Academy alumni to “give back” in meaningful ways. Depending on your availability, the volunteer roles listed below can range in time and level of commitment. The staff in the Business Office can assist you with identifying what opportunities are of interest to you. Click here to volunteer!


Becoming a Xavier Volunteer (X-Teer) can involve representing Xavier Academy in different capacities. This level of commitment varies on what interests you most.


Career & Professional Development

Todays and future students will need assistance navigating the changing employment landscape with confidence and clarity. Due to a rapidly changing workplace, it is difficult to determine what jobs will look like in 20 or 30 years. However, those working in various industries have an idea of what the future holds in the coming decades. For this reason, career readiness is ever more dependent on the insight and perspectives of working professionals. A member of the Xavier academy staff will contact you with additional information.


Xavier Events

Xavier Academy has a variety of special events held throughout the year, and sometimes our staff needs help behind the scenes. Volunteering to assist with special events (e.g., Fright Night Food Truck Night, Spring Gala, Commencement, etc.) can involve pre-event preparations and/or onsite assistance to staff. Whatever time you can give to volunteering in this capacity can be extremely helpful to the Xavier Academy staff.  



It’s no secret that it costs money to ensure that Xavier Academy maintains a strong academic and well-rounded experience for all community members. There are many ways alumni can help solicit gifts from classmates and friends for scholarships, building enhancements, and other fundraising initiatives that may be important to you. This level of commitment can vary depending on what your interests are.