Threat Assessment Team

Xavier Academy affirms its long-standing commitment to the health and safety of all members of the community, as well as those who visit our campus. When someone jeopardizes our community or threatens a person or persons with violence, Xavier Academy must call upon its full resources to evaluate and assess the situation promptly, intervene as appropriate, and support those who raised concerns about the threat and others who may be involved.


The purpose of the Threat Assessment Team is to respond appropriately to concerns expressed about behaviors exhibited by anyone – students, faculty, staff, or visitors – before a critical incident occurs so that the campus remains a safe and secure environment.

Early identification of concern allows Xavier Academy officials, if appropriate, to reach out to an individual, evaluate the circumstances, provide resources, reduce stress, and avoid or minimize harm to the individual and others. Our process aims to promote early voicing of concerns and to be supportive while making the health and safety of our campus paramount.

Xavier Academy’s Threat Assessment Team is made up of a group of trained professionals from across the campus community who are available for anyone to share information about any individual who may be planning or is at risk of engaging in violence, who has planned a violent act, or who may be the intended victim of a violent act. Threat assessment consists of a process to identify and respond to those individuals who pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the campus community and to initiate an intervention designed to avert the threat if it exists.

If you are aware of an emergency or have an immediate safety concern, call Xavier Academy immediately at 832-533-2652 ext. 1011, or call 911 when appropriate. If you are concerned about someone’s behavior, and it is not an emergency, you may call Xavier Academy and have them contact the Therapist on Call. You must give your phone number to Xavier Academy so they can have any of the above and below people call you back, but your name and concerns can be confidential. 




Richard de la Cuadra – Head of Schools, 832-533-2652 ext. 1002

David Garner – Director of Schools, 832-533-2652 ext. 1003

Mary Kay Izzard – Assistant Principal, 832-533-2652 ext. 1008

Veronica Sanchez – Office Manager, 832-533-2652 ext. 1001

Carol Olivero – Registrar, 832-533-2652 ext. 1004