Students with Health Challenges


Young people faced with emotional and/or physical health challenges are often unable to attend school. A comprehensive schedule in a traditional educational setting is nearly impossible for students with these challenges. Health issues can take a student off the college track, and unfortunately, this often compounds an already difficult situation adding anxiety, shame, and the sense of being overwhelmed. At Xavier Academy, students do not have to choose between health and learning. We help students stay on a college preparatory track while also providing flexibility in scheduling so students can prioritize their health.   

If you fall into this category, Xavier Academy is proud to partner with you on your path to recovery so that you no longer need to choose between your health and rigorous college-preparatory education. At Xavier Academy, students can do both. With our online learning platform, we are equipped to ensure your success, regardless of your ability to attend school physically.   

Not All Classes Need to Start on Day 1

If needed, we can create a daily schedule with only 1-2 hours of instruction and gradually increase your hours of study as your health and recovery warrant. This is a popular option for students recovering from concussions, coping with acute medical conditions, enduring chronic diseases, or attending Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs).

Your Recovery Will Consist of Ebbs & Flows 

Unlike traditional group settings where missed school leads to piles of makeup assignments, tests, and quizzes on top of current course requirements, at Xavier Academy, we will pick up where we “left off” on the day the student returns. The student is the only person in the class, so if the student can’t attend, the course will wait for the student’s return.

All Courses at Xavier Academy Can Be Taken in Hybrid Fashion 

If the student can’t make it to campus for class but can sign on from the comfort of one’s home, we will bring the class to the student.

Building A Schedule for You

Suppose the student has standing medical appointments, counseling sessions, or rehabilitation/physical therapy needs. We will work with the student’s medical team, parents, and faculty to ensure the student has all the necessary accommodations to attend class, provide you with a flexible schedule, and respond to your academic needs.   

At Xavier Academy, we recognize that every situation is nuanced and deserves a unique approach.