Students with Dyslexia

Students who are dyslexic learn differently.
Even Albert Einstein knew that.
Empowering students with dyslexia

Students with dyslexia flourish in our small, nurturing educational setting. At Xavier Academy, all students learn in small classes where personalized attention is the norm. Accommodation is the rule rather than the exception.

Students with dyslexia learn to their highest potential with a certified reading partner, Dyslexia School of Houston, which recognizes Dyslexia as both a challenge and an opportunity. Together, we address the many challenges that co-occur with dyslexia, such as difficulty with handwriting (dysgraphia) and math (dyscalculia).

Our genuinely individualized educational approach allows us to apply numerous academic modifications, accommodations, and strategies to help students with dyslexia succeed at school. Xavier Academy provides precisely what each student needs. Students with dyslexia can achieve success in and out of the classroom!

We aim to teach students who learn differently the way Einstein would have wanted to be taught.