Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Did you know Bill Gates is an aspie?


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a part of our school language here at Xavier Academy. We work with students to help them understand their strengths and challenges, promoting self-awareness and self-reliance. A review of individual diagnoses is an essential part of the conversation. These discussions set the stage for personal growth. Since Xavier Academy’s founding in 2007, our school’s competency-based curriculum has made it possible for bright students identified with ASD to pursue collegiate goals, professional aspirations, and satisfying lives filled with meaningful relationships.

At Xavier Academy, we offer…
  • Customized instruction to address each student’s unique circumstances.
  • Repetition of concepts, chunking of material, incorporating breaks when needed.
  • Differentiating curriculum pathways to accommodate strengths and areas for offering modified, core, Honors, and AP classes improvement.
  • Distraction-free learning environment where students can just be themselves and not worry about what others think

Known for serving students with ASD, Xavier Academy challenges students academically and addresses four critical competencies for success: Executive Functioning, Social Cognition, Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Care/Self-Advocacy. Our holistic approach to education in a safe and supportive school environment makes it possible for students with ASD to realize their potential, advance to higher education, and make their mark on the world.

When students are able to advocate for their learning, their academic success skyrockets.