Students with ADHD/ADD


Xavier Academy provides academic programs with social and emotional support for students with attention deficits.

ADHD diagnosis is on the rise, yet traditional classrooms have yet to adjust to accommodate ADHD students. At Xavier Academy, we recognize the importance of being focused to succeed academically. Therefore we:

    • Have an average of eight students to one-teacher classrooms with fewer distractions
    • Utilize a multisensory curriculum to help maintain engagement during the session
    • Chunk curriculum, allowing for mini breaks
    • Redirect attention as needed taking away the fear of repercussion from peers
    • Assist with executive function skills, so assignments are completed on time.
When students with ADHD find themselves surrounded by other students with the same diagnoses, they find themselves.

At Xavier Academy, every student has an identified learning difference. Our students quickly realize they’re just among many with the same diagnosis. The student with ADHD is no longer singled out. The student with dyslexia is no longer pulled from class. No one’s learning difference results in being called out or picked on – not by anyone. 

That makes room for students to define themselves in unique and meaningful ways. They may have a diagnosis of ADHD, but that is not who they are.

Xavier Academy gives students the resources to discover what they care about, to find success in a vast range of fields, and to be themselves – beyond their diagnoses.