Student-Athletes & Actors


Elite athletes have unique challenges when balancing academic studies, intense practice schedules, and lengthy competitive seasons. Likewise, talented musicians, actors, models, and dancers also must balance significant rehearsal and performance schedules with the school.

  • Xavier Academy offers a flexible schedule so that athletes and performers remain available for all the activities necessary to develop their talents and compete at very high levels while still being mindful of graduation requirements, NCAA eligibility requirements for athletes, and other academic restrictions that might otherwise limit participation.
Time for sports and performances, along with graduation

Whether at a training center, on the road, in a recording studio, or at home, student-athletes and performers can complete coursework on a schedule that best fits with travel and practices. Our flexible scheduling means students can start any time of the year, any day during the week, and courses can be paused and restarted as needed. There are many possibilities at Xavier Academy!

  • Daily school schedules and homework loads may be adjusted to facilitate rigorous practice and training sessions. Xavier Academy offers afternoon sessions when appropriate and may accommodate students traveling by using technology to connect teacher and student.
Achieving high grades to maintain eligibility

Many teams set minimum grade point average requirements to play. In addition, the NCAA considers grade point average when determining initial eligibility to play at the collegiate level. Xavier Academy uses a mastery-based instruction approach, ensuring that students understand the material and demonstrate mastery before moving on to the next concept. As a result, final grades represent this higher level of learning. Students may spend as much time as necessary reviewing content until they achieve mastery.

At the same time a student prepares mentally and physically for the athletic demands of a highly competitive sport or intensive performance schedule, Xavier Academy prepares the student academically for a competitive college placement. Our graduates have been accepted to a wide range of colleges and universities.


We use NCAA approved curriculum. We are cognizant of what’s needed for a NCAA athlete.