Safety & Security Information


While most attention has focused on public schools, private schools have their share of challenges in ensuring that students remain safe should a disaster, shooting, or other violent incidents occur on school grounds.

Emergency Notifications

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to campus community members, Xavier Academy issues “X-Alert” notifications. Examples include, but are not limited to, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, gas leaks, hazardous material spills, bomb threats, active shooters, school closures, etc.

Xavier Academy will issue these notifications in a manner reasonably likely to reach the entire community, including, but not limited to, emails, phone calls, texts, and other media.

Crime Reporting and Response

Xavier Academy encourages everyone on campus to report all criminal actions, emergencies, or other public safety-related incidents occurring within Xavier Academy’s geography to staff, faculty, or administrators accurately and promptly. Xavier Academy’s geography includes on-campus property, including campus facilities, public property adjacent to and immediately accessible from the on-campus property, parking garage, and non-campus property owned or controlled by the commercial building by the commercial building where Xavier Academy resides. Xavier Academy strongly encourages the accurate and timely reporting of crimes. Accurate and timely reporting ensures that Xavier Academy can evaluate, consider and send timely warning reports, disclose crimes through ongoing disclosure processes, and report to 9-1-1. Xavier Academy further encourages accurate and timely reporting when the victim of a crime either elects to or is unable to make such a report.

To report a crime or emergency, members of the community should:

    • Dial 832-533-2652 from a cellular phone.
    • Dial 9-1-1 from a campus phone or a cellular phone.
    • Text-to-911
    • Contact an officer in uniform on patrol.
iWatchTexas School Safety

On August 16, 2022, Governor Abbott launched a public service announcement to promote awareness of the iWatchTexas School Safety Reporting System. This letter intends to provide additional information to school systems about iWatchTexas and how it supports safe schools and communities. 

iWatchTexas School Safety is an invaluable resource for reporting (and ensuring law enforcement in partnership with school systems quickly and effectively responds to) suspicious activity in schools and communities. iWatchTexas is the entry point for reports to enter the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network (TxSARNet), a single, statewide reporting system that ensures tips from different parts of the community are integrated to link critical data. iWatchTexas includes functionality that permits district police and other campus security personnel to access submitted reports related to their campus/district directly.  

Tips can be reported anonymously via the iWatch School Safety website, the free iOS and Android mobile apps, or by calling 844-643-2251. All reports are confidential. Follow the link below to access the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network iWatchTexas Website:

Bullying Incidents or Other Disciplinary Concerns – Help Yourself, Help Others

Bullying is prohibited by Xavier Academy and could include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name-calling, rumor-spreading, or ostracism.

During the 85th Texas Legislature, Senate Bill 179, also known as “David’s Law,” was passed and signed into law effective September 1, 2017, by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. This law aims to combat and prevent cyberbullying and other forms of bullying/harassment.

This new law requires schools to include cyberbullying in their school’s anti-bullying policies and notify a child’s parents if they are a victim or alleged bullying aggressor. The law allows schools to combat and prevent cyberbullying by investigating off-campus cyber-assisted bullying if it materially affects the school environment. It provides for schools to collaborate with law enforcement when serious or life-threatening cyberbullying situations arise.

Xavier Academy has created a reporting form that can be accessed by clicking here. This form provides an anonymous tip line that will allow students, parents, and community members to communicate with your school about pressing issues, including potential cyberbullying or other forms of harassment. Each tip will be properly investigated through proper channels within Xavier Academy.

Tips are sent using the online form on the website. When sending a tip, the submitter will select the relevant school topic which best describes their tip and then enter a tip message. If tip submitters want to include their contact information, there are fields that allow you to do so, but a submitter may remain completely anonymous. Authorized users in Xavier Academy can then review the information.

Confidential Reporting

While Xavier Academy prefers that community members promptly report all crimes and other emergencies directly to 9-1-1, we also recognize that some may choose to report to other individuals. You may report a crime to any Xavier Academy member, including staff, faculty, and administrators.

Xavier Academy also has a confidential, anonymous option for reporting a crime to the institution. The link can be found on any page of the Xavier Academy website by clicking “Student and Parent Anonymous Reporting” at the bottom of the web page.

A student may talk directly with a Xavier Academy Therapist during normal or after business hours or after hours by calling the Wellness Center and telling them it is confidential. The Xavier Academy Therapist will provide confidential support and will discuss options regarding reporting, accompany the student to the hospital and/or police department (either on or off campus) if requested, and facilitate arrangements to ensure safety.

Alcohol/Drug Enforcement

The laws regarding the possession, sale, consumption, or furnishing of alcohol are controlled by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). However, enforcing alcohol laws on campus is the primary responsibility of the Xavier administration. The Xavier Academy campus has been designated “Drug-Free.” The possession, sale, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under state and federal laws. The City of Houston Police Department strictly enforces such laws. Violators are subject to Xavier Academy disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment. It is unlawful for anyone under 21 years of age to possess or consume alcohol and to sell, furnish, or provide alcohol to a person under the age of 21. Organizations, groups, or persons violating alcohol/substance policies or laws may be subject to sanctions by the University.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information

Southwestern University is committed to educating the entire campus community in the areas of alcohol and other drug use. The Wellness Center coordinates education and resources on substance use and abuse. If students have questions concerning the health risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs, they are encouraged to contact the Wellness Center. In addition, the Wellness Center can provide the following services for students seeking help for their substance abuse problems:

    • assessment
    • referral
    • individual therapy

Students may obtain these services on a confidential basis by calling the Wellness Center at 210-464-4556 for an appointment.

Sex Offender Registration

In accordance with the “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act” of 2000, which amends the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act, the Jeanne Clery Act, and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Xavier Academy is providing a link to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry. This act requires institutions of education to issue a statement advising the campus community of law enforcement information provided by the State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

Registry information shall be used for the purposes of the administration of criminal justice, screening of current or prospective employees, volunteers, or otherwise for the protection of the public in general. Unlawful use of the information for purposes of intimidating or harassing another is prohibited.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is responsible for maintaining this registry. Follow the link below to access the Texas Department of Public Safety Website.

Crime Prevention and Security Awareness

Xavier Academy places a high priority on crime prevention. While it is impossible to prevent all crimes, Xavier Academy believes that people can be aware of ways to reduce their chances of becoming victims. Xavier Academy provides a wide range of services and educational programs designed to promote campus security and that aid in anticipating and minimizing potential dangers to the community and property of Xavier Academy.

Xavier Academy offers a wide variety of primary and ongoing prevention and awareness programming and services to our community members. The programs are designed to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own safety and security and the safety and security of others. Program topics include Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention, Classroom Safety (Active Shooter), Protest Safety, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Identity Theft and Burglary Prevention, Safety Talks, Domestic/Dating Violence/Stalking Awareness and Prevention, Hate Crimes, Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Person(s) and Activity, and Emergency Action Representative (EAR) Training.

Crime prevention programs stress campus community awareness and interaction by disseminating materials and presentations geared toward familiarizing students, faculty, and staff members with their individual responsibility to help reduce criminal opportunity.

These and other programs are scheduled through Xavier Academy, available upon request, and presented throughout the year to groups on campus. In addition, crime prevention posters and handouts are utilized to make all campus community members aware of the potential for crime. 

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Xavier Academy is located within the City of Houston, and the public areas of campus are therefore readily accessible. In general, the academic and administrative buildings are open to the public, at a minimum, during normal business hours. However, access to some portions of the campus may be limited to authorized personnel at various times. Locks and other means may be employed to limit access. Law enforcement Officers generally are not assigned to specific academic or administrative buildings. However, they do patrol these areas regularly.