Religious Expression Policy


Xavier Academy is a non-sectarian school that welcomes students, families, faculty, and staff of all religious faiths and those who do not profess a religious belief.

As a non-sectarian school, Xavier Academy does not sponsor, promote or favor any particular religion, but the Academy recognizes the importance of religious faith to many members of the school community. The comfort, strength, and guidance many derive from religious faith are significant, and religion plays an essential role in the moral development of many young people. In addition, Xavier Academy believes that its community is enriched by the contributions of individuals representing diverse views, religions, cultures, and ethnicities.

In recognition of the importance of religion to many members of our school community, Xavier Academy permits the exercise of religious expression outlined below in a manner that is consistent with the Academy’s standards of deportment, honorable and civil behavior, and the core values Xavier Academy has identified as being central to the life and work of the Academy: 

  • During free time during the school day and immediately before and after school, students may gather for prayer, the study of religious texts, or religious discussion. Students may not be led or accompanied in such gatherings by non-students, and they may neither proselytize other students to join in these gatherings nor exclude students who wish to participate. Students must obtain permission from the administration to post on-campus notices of such gatherings and to use school buildings for these gatherings.
  • With the approval of the Headmaster, religious student organizations may use school facilities outside of the school day for meetings. Non-student members of such organizations may be present at the meetings but not on campus for any purpose associated with the organization during the school day or outside the approved meetings. Such groups must obtain approval from the Headmaster for on-campus notices of these meetings. Members of these organizations may not proselytize on behalf of these groups on campus nor exclude students who wish to participate.
  • Xavier Academy may allow nondenominational prayers or selected spiritual readings at baccalaureate ceremonies, graduations, and other school events where such prayers and readings are customary or otherwise appropriate.