Parents & Xavier

Partnering for Success


Xavier Academy, like you, is focused on one outcome – the success of our students.


Xavier Academy’s academic life seeks to engage students’ minds and transform their lives through a rigorous holistic education.

To achieve this, our objectives are very likely similar to your own. We aim to help your student develop into an intelligent, resilient, responsible, productive, emotionally and mentally well-rounded young adult prepared to contribute “toward the well-being of humanity.”

With these shared aspirations, we ask Xavier Academy students’ parents and family members to partner with us. Taking responsibility for one’s education is central to the Xavier Experience. Xavier Academy offers an extensive network of resources so students can help themselves, solve problems and build the confidence to manage their education. By encouraging students to utilize these resources, they develop competencies that will serve them well.

You can help us ensure the success of your student by…

  • Asking questions. Encouraging your student to contemplate possibilities rather than providing answers will help them develop problem-solving skills.
  • Encouraging your student to resolve issues by identifying and using available resources. Avoid the temptation to “fix” problems for them.
  • Helping your student understand that process is valuable in an educational environment. For example, learning to negotiate differences and managing conflict are essential life skills.
  • Avoid the temptation to get overly involved in processes designed for students to do for themselves. Of course, as parents, you are rightly interested and invested (intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and financially) in your student’s education. You are the most vital force in your student’s life. Just as you shaped the values your student now holds, you have an essential role in shaping your student’s emergence as a teen, an adolescent, and as a young adult.


We invite you to share our hope – that your Xavier Academy student and eventual graduate will be a confident, self-motivated teen, adolescent, and young adult in charge of their life, capable of dealing equally well with challenges and opportunities and prepared to contribute to the world.