Our History


Xavier Academy has come a long way since opening its doors in 2007.

Founder, Richard de la Cuadra, is the first to vouch for the transformative power of education. As a first-generation immigrant from Ecuador, he experienced his metamorphosis as early as the fifth grade living in New York City. His Jesuit educators at the original time-honored Nativity Mission Center School in New York City’s Lower East Side and Xavier High School (founded in 1847) in Manhattan taught him to lead with integrity, act justly in service for others, and pursue excellence in every endeavor.

As a result, Mr. De la Cuadra paved his way out of poverty and into a life of purpose, aiming to empower and embody the fullest development of every dimension of a student, linked to the development of a sense of values to grow academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Deeply inspired by his teachers’ commitment to building genuine relationships with each student, Mr. De la Cuadra developed his passion for changing how young learners experience academics. Upon graduating from The College of the Holy Cross (founded in 1843) in Worcester, Massachusetts, he entered the field of education and moved to Texas. While serving as a teacher and administrative leader in a variety of schools ranging from large public high schools to small private schools, where he witnessed students grow frustrated and hopeless in traditional and rigid academic settings

Devoted to creating a new education model where learning is student-centered, flexible, stimulating, and personalized, Mr. De la Cuadra opened the doors to Xavier Academy in West University (Houston), Texas, in 2007. The school has since expanded to two additional campuses in the Houston area (Memorial and the Woodlands) and its sister institution, Xavier Academy International, in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Xavier team is trained in collaborative leadership and positive psychology, enabling faculty to connect with students on a more meaningful and personalized level. Through international trips, unique electives, supportive courses, and an overall focus on the student’s well-being, Xavier students receive a comprehensive education that nurtures them academically and personally. Xavier Academy now serves hundreds of extraordinary students at its Galleria-area campus.