Education for Tomorrow

High-Impact Experiences

At Xavier Academy, high-impact experiences are immersive opportunities that position our students for active, meaningful lives of engagement and achievement. Students gain independence and progressive mastery of new competencies and skills through transformative on-campus associations, community-engaged learning, and experiential trips abroad. In addition, students learn to think more effectively about their world understanding, making connections across subjects, borders, economic systems, and varying ways of life. These life-changing experiences create the practices of thinking, creating, and connecting that last a lifetime and are the hallmark of today’s Xavier’s Experience.

Collaborative Experiences

Academics at Xavier Academy goes beyond the library stacks or the lab bench. Alongside faculty, you will develop authentic, previously unexplored questions and test your hypotheses, making original contributions to your educational learning process. In addition, our students regularly participate in a collaborative dialogic perspective when collaborating with faculty and peers. These experiences hone the intellectual practice of problem-solving and critical analytical skills and provide an enduring framework for innovation and the creation of new knowledge while strengthening your mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, Xavier Academy’s students develop lasting friendships with their peers and strong bonds with their teachers, a key element of our commitment to supporting personal growth.

Active Learning

Our commitment to collaborative inquiry-based learning creates a more active classroom with fewer lectures and more hands-on engagement. Collaborative active learning is a more dynamic approach to the classroom setting, enabling you to take ownership of your learning while significantly improving your retention of knowledge and skills.

The process is organic: as children, we ask questions to understand and make sense of our world. Likewise, students are often given a question, problem, or scenario. While constantly and methodically interrogating diverse solutions, you will invent new answers and new knowledge, thus making greater meaning of your academic experience. Xavier Academy will inspire your lifelong intellectual curiosity by enhancing your ability to understand, interpret, and evaluate information.

Montage: Educating the Whole Person

At Xavier Academy, we encourage you to choose mindfully from various engaging opportunities. There’s an ideal balance, different for each student, among academics, emotional and mental well-being, team and organization membership, work, and downtime. By engaging with intention and reflecting on the value of each component of your involvement, you can find your perfect balance.

We call this coordinated approach to the cocurricular experience Montage to reflect the collection of meaningful moments, relationships, learning, and development that make up your experience in school – your personal montage.

Diverse Perspectives

At Xavier Academy, diversity is more than just numbers. Diversity expands our worldliness, enhances our social development, increases our knowledge base, and better prepares us for collaboration in a global society. Diversity among our students, staff, and faculty leads to a diversity of thought and a genuine commitment to creating an inclusive environment that is equally welcoming to all.

Teachers and Scholars

Forget the average 15-seat classrooms. Here at Xavier Academy, you’ll study in small classes with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1. In this more intimate, more collaborative active learning environment, you’ll engage, discuss, debate, and connect with teachers, scholars, and scholar-practitioners who are both recognized experts in their fields and caring mentors who will work alongside you, sharing valuable advice, guidance, and experience. These close mentoring relationships distinguish a Xavier education. And if you come here, they will help to distinguish you.