Life Outside the Classroom

Life Outside The Classroom


A major component surrounding life at Xavier is how we prepare our students for and support them through their lives outside of the classroom. We cater our curriculum and scheduling around students with strict extra-curricular schedules, expectations or health and lifestyle needs and support students in their professional and personal pursuits.



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We recognize that the typical 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. school day can be somewhat restrictive for students, confining them to a schedule that may not be best for them. We pride ourselves in offering schedule flexibility for all students - no matter the circumstance. Learning isn’t confined to the classroom; we value the crucial lessons our students learn on and off campus. For this reason, we want to give our students as much flexibility as they need.

Our student body comprises a dynamic student population, many of which have rigorous schedules outside school. This includes actors, athletes, and musicians with demanding work schedules; students with health issues that impact their schedules and/or ability to take part in a traditional in-person classroom experience; and advanced students on the fast track to expedite graduation. Regardless of their situation, Xavier works with every student’s needs to curate an educational plan that complements rather than restricts their passions and goals.

One success story comes from Xavier Class of 2021’s Jordan Elise Guy. Jordan recently signed with Oklahoma State University’s soccer team. Throughout her time at Xavier, soccer has been a massive priority for Jordan. We offered her a highly individualized educational plan and school schedule that complemented and empowered Jordan to pursue her advanced athletic endeavors.

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