Our high school programming continues to build on the independent foundation of our elementary and middle school courses and prepares students for college life. We know high school can be particularly stressful for many students, so our goal is to provide an environment that helps our students deal with this pressure in a manageable and purposeful way.


Our non-traditional approach to schooling, with an emphasis on scheduling autonomy and self-management, gives students the skills they’ll need to prioritize and manage their time when they get to college. Although we encourage accountability and responsibility for our students at this age, we are still there to provide students with all the support and resources they’ll need before graduation. In addition to offering dual credit options for students who are interested in getting ahead, we also offer comprehensive college counseling for students as they approach their next steps into the real world.


In addition to our core curriculum, Xavier began offering AP courses in 2015. Most AP classes are made up of 3-5 students, which ensures our students succeed. Students in our most rigorous curriculum typically boast three to five AP courses on their final transcript. AP courses are primarily offered in 11-12th grades.

Xavier Academy currently offers the following AP courses:


We believe that adolescents who are seen and heard grow into capable, compassionate adults, so we tend to the entirety of each child through our unique approach. The schedule of our High School students is intended for students to embrace their truest selves through their academics, while also giving back to the community.

Xavier Academy High School Schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: Attend 1 hour-long academic course from 9 am – 4 pm
  • Wednesdays:  Wednesdays are early dismissal from 9 am – 2 pm.


At Xavier Academy, we believe in cultivating students to become well-rounded adults after graduation. We offer classes beyond the required academics under TEA to better prepare our high schoolers for adulthood while allowing them to grow and learn in a positive environment.

  • Current Events: We believe in preparing our students for real-world post-graduation by allowing them to learn and speak freely on current events. This course is designed for students to understand media bias, properly source news from the internet, and engage in respectful and civil conversations.

  • Teen Topics: This semester-long course helps students navigate the mental and psychological anguish that may come with growing pains. Through positive psychology, Xavier’s therapists have open conversations with students on teen topics such as bullying, puberty, family, and friendships.

  • Nutrition/Wellness: This course teaches students good nutrition while developing healthy lifestyle habits. Additionally, this semester-long class also counts as a health credit, as students learn about various subjects on sexual and physical health.

  • Community Service: Xavier Academy believes strongly in giving back to our community, so our high school students must complete 30 hours of community service each year. This can be achieved both in and out of school. Some previous service activities our students have done include volunteering at food banks, cleaning up trash at the beach, and writing letters to the troops.


Learn more about our high school and social studies courses directly from our founder, Richard de la Cuadra.