Gifted & Talented (G/T) Students


Xavier Academy provides gifted and talented students with a challenging, research-based education worthy of their intellect and intrinsic desire to learn and think deeply. We serve as a valued resource for the G/T education community in Houston and nationwide.

Xavier Academy is explicitly designed to meet the needs of G/T students. Our innovative program is tailored for intensely curious and intellectually fearless students through challenging academics, project-based learning, and creative enrichment in a nurturing environment. At Xavier Academy, we are passionate about helping G/T students find a place where they can be challenged and have a chance to grow – opportunities they may not have elsewhere. Of course, not all G/T students are the same. The needs of individual students can vary depending on various factors, including a student’s level of giftedness. Is your student profoundly gifted? Twice-exceptional (2E)?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when considering the best schooling option for G/T students. We know they need different things from school. Our high-ability learners need to be able to progress at their own pace and level, and they benefit from interaction with intellectual and social peers.

Xavier Academy tailors instruction to individual needs, addressing the problem areas and maintaining a high level of challenge as needed while incorporating student interests to increase motivation and engagement. Our course offerings include Advanced Placement® (AP®) and dual-credit courses with Lone Star Community College, Houston Community College, and St. Thomas University.

To deliver such a rich and varied array of educational opportunities, Xavier Academy’s faculty members are flexible and creative, experienced in the classroom, experts in their subject areas, and well-versed in the emotional and intellectual needs of G/T students. Our faculty and staff have extensive, ongoing professional development requirements each year to understand and nurture G/T students’ academic, social and emotional development and can appropriately support their needs.