Educational Model


Xavier Academy emphasizes both academic attainment and character development. Richard De La Cuadra encourages his students to seek honor and achievement. He explains, “We grant students the freedom to pursue their passions outside the classroom while making progress on their academic goals, but also develop strong self-management skills as students learn to take responsibility for their time and manage their priorities accordingly.”  Xavier Academy is faithful to its founder’s calling, valuing its students for their potential and achievement and always striving for balanced growth: intellectual, physical, psychological, social, and ethical.

The primary goals of Xavier Academy are intellectual endeavor and achievement. However, the Academy also believes that a well-rounded education includes experiences in the arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

Xavier Academy further believes that every student will continue to be part of a community and, therefore, seeks to strengthen their moral responsibility and service to it. To that end, the Academy promotes honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness.

Xavier Academy also believes that the participation of parents in their student’s education and well-being is essential to accomplishing its mission. Therefore, the Academy attempts to inform them of its purposes and goals and expects their strong support in pursuing these aims.