Xavier Academy offers an abundance of courses necessary to matriculate to higher levels of education. Our faculty ensures our coursework is comparable to (and at times, more advanced) the top academic institutions across the city and state. In addition to our core curriculum, we take great pride in offering extra-curricular courses that not only excite our students and pertain to their unique interests, but also prepare them for life outside of the classroom.

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While our unique approach to individualized learning differs from public education, Xavier Academy holds the same standards aligned with The Texas Education Agency (TEA), which oversees all primary and secondary public schools.


We believe all students deserve the chance to challenge themselves academically. We do not segment students into Honors or AP classes, based on their academic history. All teachers are trained in AP-style courses and it is their responsibility to personalize the experience for each student, based on each of their learning styles.

We understand that some students may perform higher than others, but our mission is to cultivate each student’s best learning potential and set them up for success. If a student believes they can take on advanced work, we encourage them to. If a student believes in scaling back at a slower learning pace, we will meet them where they are.



At Xavier, we highly encourage high school students to utilize our Dual Credit program in order to get ahead before starting college. Through our partnership with Houston Community College (HCC) and Lone Star College System, we offer an array of courses in which eligible students can enroll in and receive credit for college. We are proud to offer these courses at no cost, the only expense is the required textbook.


We want to make sure that all Xavier students leave with a connection to our community. This is why all high school students are required to partake in Community Wednesdays. This quarter credit class is where students take what they’re learning in the classroom and apply it to the real world. The main aspects of Community Wednesdays include current events, teen topics, nutritional wellness and community service.

  • Current Events Class: We believe in preparing our students for the real world post-graduation by providing them the ability to learn and speak freely on current events. This course is designed for students to learn media bias, how to properly source news from the internet and how to engage in conversations in a respectable and civil matter.

  • Teen Topics: This semester-long course helps students navigate the mental and psychological anguish that may come with growing pains. Through positive psychology, Xavier’s team of therapists have open conversations with students on various teen topics such as bullying, puberty, family and friendships.

  • Nutrition/Wellness: This course focuses on teaching students good nutrition while developing healthy lifestyle habits. Additionally, this semester-long class also counts as a health credit, as students learn about various subjects on sexual and physical health.

  • Community Service: Xavier Academy believes strongly in giving back to our community which is why our high school students are required to complete 30 hours of community service each year. This can be completed both in and out of school. Some previous service activities our students have done include volunteering at food banks, cleaning up trash at the beach and writing letters to the troops.