Campus Parking Information


ALL registered students who will be parking a vehicle on campus at any time register their vehicle with Xavier Academy. There is NO required fee to register the vehicle. PLEASE NOTE that students may register up to two different vehicles. Parking decals are non-transferable.

You will directly submit your completed Student Parking Permit Request Form form to Xavier Academy. All student parking decals will be assigned accordingly and distributed to the student within 3-5 business days.

Students with a parking permit are to park in the basement level of the parking garage marked “CONTRACTOR PARKING.” Students may park in any parking space inside the building parking garage. Handicapped/Accessible parking spaces throughout the parking garage are available to any vehicle legally displaying a handicapped license plate or placard. Violation of the parking regulations may result in fines, the loss of parking privileges, or the vehicle lawfully being towed.

Students contesting Xavier Academy’s citations MUST appeal the violation within four (4) business days. The Committee on Traffic Safety and Control comprise faculty, staff, and students who meet monthly. All appeal outcomes are emailed directly to the student’s Xavier Academy address. All decisions of the Committee on Traffic Safety and Control are final.


Note #1: Flashing hazard lights do not excuse illegal parking.

Note #2: The third and all subsequent citations within one academic year will double the scheduled fine shown above.


If you have questions, please contact us at 832-533-2652 for assistance.