Xavier Academy is an independent private school offering personalized curriculums and an extraordinarily low student-to-teacher ratio. We emphasize academic success, personal growth and social skills development in a rich and stimulating environment.

What other schools don’t understand is that every student is unique in their abilities, interests and learning styles. This is why our committed Xavier faculty make it a priority to give individualized attention to each student in a way that greatly increases the student’s chance of success, both at Xavier and in their future endeavors. We address the needs of our student population head on and maintain very low student-to-teacher ratios to ensure that each student gets the one-on-one help and attention they deserve.

At Xavier, we believe that every student can learn and thrive in the right environment and that sometimes a student needs a more individualized approach to succeed. Our mission is to provide a supportive, nurturing space where students are encouraged to realize their potential and where caring staff accelerates learning and personal growth in a stimulating and positive atmosphere. We offer a customized and flexible approach to learning for students as we help them grow socially, academically, and personally.

We’re preparing our students for the future, which means helping them grow academically, socially, professionally, and personally. We want each student growing out of Xavier to have the knowledge needed in life and the application skills. This is why we offer additional resources and activities such as Community Wednesdays and our licensed therapists to raise well-rounded members of society.