No two days are the same at Xavier and that’s because no two students are the same. Our students learn to embrace their own learning styles while becoming masters of autonomous scheduling based on this very knowledge.

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7:00am - Alex’s alarm buzzes. The “old Alex” would have hit the snooze button multiple times, but the Alex with a few weeks at Xavier Academy under their belt awakens refreshed and eager to live the day.

8:00am - After a short burst of yoga, a shower, and a nutritious breakfast, Alex leaves for campus with plenty of time to settle in before class starts and reflect on what’s in store for the day.

9:00am - English 1 begins. Upon the teacher’s prompt, Alex opens classroom discussion with their critical analysis of the assigned literature and inspires a lively conversation among classmates.

10:30am - Algebra 1 begins. Alex submits not only today’s homework but also the assignments for the week ahead. Once intimidated by some algebraic concepts, Alex almost can’t believe their exponential growth in confidence from just one month’s participation in the Homework Club. Alex surprises themself with the realization that they would make an effective tutor to peers with similar challenges.

11:55am - Lunch! Alex enjoys the meal with new friends from the AI Club, an extracurricular organization dedicated to generating student opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, which Alex launched the first week of school with enthusiastic support from faculty.

12:30pm - Academic Advisory begins. Advisory offers Alex the gift of a midday recharge and reset. Today Alex participates in a brief mindful breathing exercise led by their advisor and feels grounded heading into their most challenging course.

1:10pm - Integrated Physics and Chemistry begins. Alex reminds themself that active participation can look differently in each class, so they gather the courage to ask a question about centrifugal force. A few nods circulate the classroom: it turns out several of Alex’s classmates struggled with the same question.

2:40pm - Adulting 101 begins. Alex has been looking forward to this session’s focus on goal setting and planning. Feeling encouraged by the affirmative experiences today, Alex sets a goal to become an Algebra I tutor by the beginning of the next semester and works closely with the teacher to develop a series of specific, measurable action steps, starting with completing extra homework problems every evening until the next exam.

3:30pm - Dismissal! Alex heads home for the day, but not before sharing a moment with Beau, the school therapy dog.

4:30pm - Alex opens a journal and records their thoughts from the day, an exercise which Alex finds extremely rewarding before jumping into evening obligations.

4:45pm - Alex tackles the Integrated Physics and Chemistry problem set first, having learned in Adulting 101 that confronting daunting tasks first can engender more productivity.

6:30pm - After completing the problem set, Alex sits down for family dinner. Ever since enrolling at Xavier, Alex encourages the entire family to go “device-less” during the meal.

7:15pm - Alex cleans up and returns to their workspace, ready to tackle their remaining workload, including those extra algebra problems!

8:45pm - Alex completes their objectives for the evening, including submitting an application to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and devotes time to reading newly published research into artificial intelligence on college campuses.

10:15pm - Bedtime for Alex means lights out and devices off. A deep inhale and long exhale sends them off to dream land...